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endless list of incredible scenes
» Buffy, BtVS (The Gift)

In hindisight, you can trace Buffy’s depression in season 6 back to this moment (and even to earlier episodes: definitely to Joyce’s death, and even in Spiral when she shuts down and decides she has already lost against Glory). Buffy’s depression was about much more than being torn out of heaven, and you can see why in this scene. A lot of people criticize season 6 for being too dark, but I feel that Buffy’s depression was one of best written arcs in the show. 

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#i actually think buffy’s depression was something she struggled with throughout the series #you can trace it all the way back to when she was killed by the master #but it probably started even earlier than that (via mindycollette)

#Also SMG’s physical performance in The Gift shows how relieved she was to be ending it. She doesn’t look overly frightened for someone who’s about to kill themselves she just looks like “I’ve got to do this. This is all I have left to do and then I’m done.” as though she’s relieved it’s over. She accepts her death pretty readily. It’s foreshadowed with the line “every slayer has a death wish”. Season 5 really felt like it was building up to her death in it’s entirety and there was closure on all fronts and then it was like “Oh no… you have to carry on now. There’s more. You’re not getting out of this.” and it reflects life in that way that it just carries on going even when you’re tired of it.


Wilderness Peggy Carter Part 4

So here it is the glory that is my Fan Expo Canada 2014 Cosplay! I finished it just before heading on vacation to my cabin so naturally I had to do the costume tests in the middle of the Canadian wilderness.
This part should be titled Lumberjack Peggy and Seductive Glances on the Dock or some other nonsense. But just remember kids Wilderness Peggy can chop all the wood with those guns! Also this part has a couple more favourites of mine, mainly the last two, but I’m fond of all of these. Big thanks to the lovely voldemrtsnipple for taking these gorgeous photos!

Damn girl you look FABULOUS!!! I love it so much!!!